Jaime V. Rodriguez

Software Developer | Innovator | Veteran



Dedicated professional passionate about designing and building scalable software solutions that would serve thousands of customers.

I have served in the U.S. Army for the past 11 years. The last 4 of which have been in Special Operations as a Market Research Analyst and Talent Acquisition Specialist. I have served on small collaborative teams in ambiguous missions across the world to include the U.S. Embassy Kiev, Ukraine. As I pursue a career in software development I am looking to combine my passion for programming with my 11 years of military experience in order to serve with a team on the leading edge of technology.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Software Development from Bellevue University as well as supplementing my learning with additional online resources.

As I prepare for my transition out of the Army I am actively searching for opportunities to utilize the DoD Skillbridge program with.


What I offer you


Throughout my life I have taken an approach that challenges me to continuously seek knowledge and learn. My ability to grasp new concepts is best displayed through my progression of different roles within my military career. I have displayed my ability to constantly expand my knowledge and test my abilities. As well as gained the confidence to master new skills. My ambitious personality is a great fit for many cultures.


What once started as a hobby, has driven me to pursue a career in software development. My passion has allowed me to obtain knowledge in object oriented languages like Java and C#, in addition to self learning Python. As well as familiarize myself with front-end development languages like HTML5 and CSS3. Additionally, it has driven me to understand knowledge management systems such as Git and Github.


I have experience working with and leading teams of 5 to 15 individuals. This experience has allowed me to not only understand the importance of a collaborative work environment, but also understand my own strengths and weaknesses. Through these experiences I have become confident and capable of working in autonomous environments as well as in collaborative team environments.


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Coffee Cafe Chatbot

Utilizing the Python programming language, Coffee Cafe Chatbot is a console application that allows users to order multiple coffee drinks. Based on users input choices, multiple options will be expanded. The chatbot is built to scale with a cafe's menu and options.

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ATS Hacker

ATS-Hacker is a job posting keyword counter with command line and web (coming soon!) interfaces. Maximize your application's chances by making sure the most used words from the job posting are included in your resume. Counting these words manually is tedious, however, that's where ATS-Hacker comes to the rescue!

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Work Experience

Past and Current Work


  • Talent Aquisition Specialist

    Special Operations Recruiting Battalion

    Communicated effectively with internal stakeholders in order to facilitate career advancement opportunities within Special Operations career fields.

  • Market Research Analyst

    US Army-Special Operations Command

    Consulted with American partner nation forces and diplomats in numerous Eastern European countries in order to identify potential markets and factors affecting target audience decisions.

  • Supervisory Training Specialist

    US Army

    Designed, planned, organized, or directed orientation and training programs for employees in order to facilitate career progression and optimal job performance.


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I enjoy expanding my network and creating new relationships. If you have any questions, would like to connect regarding an opportunity, or simply want to expand your network feel free to reach out using one of the methods below!